Trophy discrepancy. Is this a bug?

Two places are showing me at 2714 cups.
I believe this is wrong as my alliance cups show 2532.

I have the latest update and I also have shut off my phone and reset the game.

It’s no big deal but am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Must’ve been a visual bug I was able to reset it by performing a revenge on an opponent.
@Guvnor @Rook
Not sure if we should close this but I am OK with that.


Yarr !!!

this happened to me a month ago. i didn’t really pay much attention since then.

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Some of the summary screens seem only to be updated every so often, which causes them to lag behind a bit. It should catch up within a few minutes.

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This is not new. Has happened to me countless times. I have sent in about 3 tickets on this. The answer from Customer Service Each time was the usual : thank you for your feedback yadda yadda yadda.

Logging out, relogging in used to work.

Now just do a fresh raid. Everything will reset to the correct number after that.

Best to check member profile under Alliance for the most accurate number.

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Let’s leave this open for now, as it seems to be recurring…

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It’s likely a lag in the summary screen. I see similar when I pick one of the top 100 to view and the position differs between the individual player display and the top 100 list, sometimes by 5 or 6 positions.


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