Trophy count on Alliance members page different from what is shown elsewhere?

I experienced an issue where I started at 2410 trophies, I raided someone and won +31 trophies. Then right after I received a notification that I successfully defended for +14 trophies. Therefore, my total trophy count should be 2455. However, next to my name on the Raids page, I see only 2424 (2410+14) trophies. On the Alliance page, it shows my correct number of trophies at 2455. I believe this discrepancy has been reported before but it seems it hasnt been resolved. I also force-quit my game several times and it didn’t fix this issue.

It’s a discrepancy with how often the leaderboards and that information is updated.

It’s not a live update, but is periodic.

If you fully close the app & reopen/ relogin it usually forces an update to all the leaderboards


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@Petri is this issue persisting again or was this opened because you want to show the solution?

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I experienced this again yesterday and closing+reopening did not work.

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This topic was reopened by request, I believe there should not be any known issues related to this but please do report here if you experience this issue again.

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It happened again 2 days ago. This problem still persist.

In my 1st-3rd ticket, the staff said the correct one is in the alliance tab (above 2400) not on other tab (under 2400) and that my chest result in diamond despite I saw platinum.

In my 4th ticket, the staff said the correct one is in the profile/raid/tower tab (under 2400) not the alliance tab (above 2400) and that my chest result in platinum despite the correct trophy count should have resulted in diamond.

So this is not mere visual bug afterall. My trophy should have been 2389-31+143=2501 which result in diamond chest, not 2389-31=2358 which result in platinum chest.

The staff confirmed that my trophy at the time of chest opening is only 2358 in their log. That means somehow 143 trophies dissappear.

@Guvnor is posting about staff response in ticket forbidden? (Forum rule number 14)

Nb: closing and reopening the game DO NOT WORK

@KiraSG this issue is similiar to this:

@moderators merge?

I too show a discrepancy between my alliance page trophy count and the watchtower trophy count.

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