Trophy “cheating” – Do players without trophies affect War matches? [SPOILER: No, they don’t.]

We are going against a team that is alternating there power by lowering there trophie count on a player that is level 42 with zero trophies I took a screenshot this team will be impossible for our team to beat our war starts tonight at 300 ish what can we do to resolve this or do we just tell all our weakest players to do the same for future wars?? Seems like a crappy thing to do . Please help

Trophy count does not affect war matchmaking.


To expand on that, alliance score has nothing to do with war matchmaking.


If you click on the alliance icon and hit the ? next to “score”, you’ll see that the war score is based on:

  • most powerful troops and heroes of each member who’s opted in for war
  • past war performance

that’s it. No trophies, no player level, no however many chickens they’ve sacrificed this week, etc.


As others said, fear not. War score doesn’t factor in trophies.

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As others have said, War Score doesn’t include trophies at all, so they have no effect on matchmaking.

It’s useful to ask questions or ensure you understand how elements of the game work before accusing others of cheating. :slight_smile:

(And I’ve edited the post title accordingly.)

Here’s an elaboration on what is included in War Score:


Does anyone know how new level 12 players affect the war score? It looks like they are included, and expected to participate, even if they don’t field a team.

Lol thank you I’m was corrected on our chat as well

Thank you Zeffer I normally don’t run my mouth with out facts sry about that it was a real dick move

If they are not “opted out” then they are included.

BUT, before they can participate, they must go through the tutorial.

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