Trophies.....what gives?

I have been raiding for awhile now and for the life of me i don’t understand how they determine the trophies you can win on raids. I don’t get how i can be facing a team that is 300 or 400 more power then i have and determine that i can win 20 but lose 40 trophies. Can anyone explain this to me? I know they say Trophies dont matter but they do if you are able to stay in the Platinum area your awards are better for the chest.

It’s entirely based on your trophy count at the time of the battle. Has nothing to do with team power.


oh ■■■■ didn’t know that. ■■■■ still crazy tho.

The best guide on this is by @Gryphonknight:

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thanks for the insight Z

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I dont think going by trophy count totally works, my teams only 3349 and im being put up against teams that are 4000+ just cause at the moment my trophy count is high, which would quickly change if I fought the team. It needs to be more balanced.

Going by anything other than trophies would be flawed. Its a universal ladder ranking across the whole game. If they only put you against teams your own power, you could sit there with a 3400 team and win over and over and be in the top 100… which would be silly.


I hear what your saying. Another thing is its cost a lot of food just to find someone that you feel comfortable going against. I know you can just face the teams that beat you and it doesn’t cost you any food but usually does teams are a good amount stronger then you are. They should making searching for the foes more cost efficient.

I hear you on the food re-roll costs, that used to be an issue for me early on.

Coincidentally I just wrote about that earlier today:

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