Trophies Inconsistency

I would appreciate some input as to how the trophies are mathematically evenly distributed?
My dilemma is this… I get raided and loose -38 trophies, so I revenge and loose another -48 which now comes to a total of -86, ok fine with that. So I decide to rematch and fortunately lady luck smiled upon me and I won the battle but to my dismay all I receive is +19 lousy trophies. The worst one I revenged was for -50 which I won with no lose and only got back +7. HELP!!

The number of trophies won/lost in a raid is based on the current trophy count for you and your opponent. The bigger the difference between your trophy count, the bigger the difference between the win/loss counts


@Gryphonknight you have a customer for explaining how ELO rating system works :slight_smile:


A cursory explanation I could offer you is, if your trophy count is way higher than your opponent’s, if you lose to that opponent, you will lose significantly high number of trophies. The other way round if your opponent have trophies counts way higher than yours if you win, you will gain a significantly high number of trophies,

Further more, there is always and indicator of your trophies win/loss when you raid and when you revenge, if you take note of this, you will see the potential win/loss trophy versus each opponent.

Further explanation could be offered by @Gryphonknight as indicated by @Garanwyn


^^^ This

For more details:
( Revenging against a much higher/ much lower trophy opponent or Encouraging attacking higher rated opponents to increase trophies or Elo's math )

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