Trophies glitch

I just logged in to the game and did a few raids to get my trophy score back up to near the 2400 mark. I did a couple of raids which took me to just under 2350 then another that earned me 41. I then got notified that I’d been attacked(I think this had happened earlier but just wasn’t reported to me) and lost 41. Looking at my current trophies I see that it says I have 2233.

Last night I claimed my diamond reward and since then I’ve been involved in 39 raids (attack and defence) for a net -76 which would give me a minimum of 2324.

My guess is that the running total has been overwritten by the value after that last raid on me - meaning that the result of all of my raids since logging on (totalling 146) have been wiped out.

I’m now out of raid energy

Used a flask… raided for a27 gain. Apparently 2233+27=2406! Don’t trust the tower!!!

Same case when atacked my profile two player and remowe 2x 48 trophies. System must block twice atack in same time

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