Trophies from a Raid +1/-60

A very generous score for beating this enemy … he is way stronger than me but game thinks I deserve +1 if I win and even greater -60 if I loose :smiley:
Have you been in similar situation? Would you give it a go? :crazy_face:


+/- cups is only related to the current comparison of your cups to the opponents cups. It has nothing to do with strength or TP.


I’d probably pass because the loot rewards and the trophy rewards aren’t really worth it.

But since you’re not likely to get promoted to the next league even with full raid flags, and you won’t get demoted if you lose this, i might do it just for the lulz. Unless you are desperately needing raid flags for resources or something i say go for it. Win or lose it will make a good trophy screenshot for you

Edit: my most extreme has been like +2/-55. I’ve lost a few 50+ pointers in my day, and won a few +2s or 3s but never bothered to screencap them. Didn’t know it could go up to -60!

At least you’d get one trophy in case of victory. It would be really bad if you’d end up with -1/-70 or something like that :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for clarifying :wink:

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Don’t the developers see this ?!

It’s too disheartening to keep playing.

The only relationship that the game has with strategy is the name. For everything, absolutely everything depends on luck.

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