Trophies... Fixed amount?


Just because I’m curious… Does anyone know, is there a fixed amount of trophies out there that we’re all fighting over? Or is it like money and they just generate more out of thin air whenever they feel like it?


Not sure, but for me is a fixed amount.

I tank keeping always more or less the same cups, but now i counter people much stronger than before.


There is not a fixed amount of cups. Otherwise you’d see changes in max cups from early on in game until now based on the expanded player pool


Elo math is Elo.

If they are using standard Elo math, average rating is 0, negative ratings are rounded up to zero, target maximum is 3000, actual maximum depends on raid energy available per decay period.

Elo math assumes

  1. There is significant punishment for not trying to win every match
  2. Each player plays the same number of matches
  3. The ability of each player to win (skill, equipment, game pieces, etc.) is a bell curve with the average player in the dead center and the players to the left of the center (negative Elo ratings) are rounded up to zero.
  4. Players with negative Elo ratings have never played a match before or are at a severe handicap (starting Hero team).


My cups are not fixed…darn things never stop moving! :grin: