Troops won't stay put

Why don’t my troops stay assigned to the last hero I put them with. I am constantly having to go back and put them where I want them because they have moved to a different hero?

Does this also happen to prepared selected teams from your roster or just if you set up a new team anywhere?

When you add heroes to a team, the first hero added gets the best troop.

The next hero of the same color gets the 2nd best troop. “Best” means highest level.

If you want specific heroes to use specific troops, you have to add them to your team in an order that takes troop level into account. Otherwise, you have to go in and manually switch them.

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It happens whenever I setup a new team. My feeling is a troop should stay assigned until I decide to make a change. It almost feels like the game is defaulting them somehow.

Yes, it takes the strongest first, then the 2nd strongest and so on.

Probably we all have to reassign them very often.

Team slots bought solves this problem.

Also, you need to double check your troops before war starts, because they use the lowest troops, replacing the pre assigned troops. :frowning: (needs checked before raids as well).

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