Troops - Which troops do I keep?

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So The break points for mana are;
Or lv11
Lv23? @Rigs

@_John_Doe has a link to a spreadsheet that puts the mana troop levels together with talents to show breakpoints

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Levels 1 & 23 for very slow
Level 11 for very fast
Level 17 for slow
Level 23 for average
Level 29 for fast

From my understanding

How !?
Lv 29 mana troop for Fast mana speed hero.
Lv17 mana troop for sliw mana speed hero.
How does the slow work better with lower mana troop ! Now I am confused @Rigs

It’s about the % gains per level. The slower the mana speed the smaller % gain it needs to speed up.

A slow car benefits more from a smaller turbo than a car that’s already fast would, if that makes sense.

You take a cheap turbo and throw it in a station wagon, you’ll notice a difference. You take the same turbo and throw it in a ferrari, it wont make a noticeable difference.

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Also what Rigs said


From my understanding, kage + mana % gains from his class + mana troops + sakura family mana boost can bring kage down to 5 tiles. Is that true?

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Looks like there’s a ton of great information already! I think the thing I’m always forgetting is the break points for mana troops.

I’ve found the link that @_John_Doe posted to be very helpful. The photo with yellow highlighting that shows what level mana troops speeds up the tiles, specifically. Since newbies are already confused by so many things, if you can find a way to simplify that information into ‘newbie speak’ I think that’s important info to add to your initial post. The levels listed can be used as goal markers for those leveling more than 1 troop of a color.

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Personally I would work on my 3* troops until I get a rainbow in 4* troops. The RNG paywall can be brutal for an individual player

Click for details on Troops RNG Paywall

Assuming 2 Epic Troop tokens per month


It feels like there should be a cut over point, though, where the incremental benefit of leveling your 3* troops further vs saving to level a 4* would tilt in favor of starting to save.

If we could estimate a gain rate in feeder troops, we could actually use your RNG paywall probabilities to calculate an expected stat gain from saving vs. from feeding the existing 3* troop given the 3* troop level.


a very fast needs +9% for 6 tiles and 31% for 5 tiles

  • class lvl 19 gives him 2%
  • sakura family 2/3/4/5 = 2%/4%/7%/12%
  • troop mana -lvl1 5% / lvl5 7%/ lvl11 9%/ lvl17 11%/ lvl24 13%/ lvl29 15%

so adding max values gives 29% total < 31% needed >>> conclusion NO :confused:


Yup, but realistically the only ones that can be touched ftm are class talent lvl8 (rogues and rangers) added with troop lvl17 as posted here: Troops - Which troops do I keep?

Also Khagan (if im not mistaken is the only slow rogue/ranger) can go to 11 tiles with class talent lvl8 and troop lvl 11.

the rest need class talent lvl 19 or troop lvl 23 minimum.

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I found a roster of troops with their levels


Troop rosters

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Awesome thank you!

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great work! This guide is good help, troops can be one of the more intimidating aspects of the game and this is very informative :slight_smile:

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Hello Jedon Regular
I have been playing this EP for at least 6 months, and have spent ca $ 250 USD.
One thing I want to know is that it seems I have lost one of the 4* blue troop out of nothing …? how come? The machine is cheating … :slight_smile:

You might want to lock the 4* troops so you don’t accidentally feed them (click on the padlock on the troop pic).


Exactly what @Sarah2 said.

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Hello, I have troops and your explanation was nice, but I was wondering why is there a lock on my troops locked or unlocked? The lock im talking about is in left hand top corner. Please advise.

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