Troops? Where?

Hello guys, I want to ask you about some good stage to find 1* & 2* troops.
Does anyone have a list of stage with a high chance to find them?
I’m especially interested in red, yellow and blue troops.

@Pois1 any suggestions? (I love your topics ^^)

There isnt a good stage to get them, they drop everywhere at an equal chance, and there is no way to guarantee specific colours either, sorry.
If you want to harvest, just hit up easy 3-flag levels (province 8 or below) repeatedly to get the most out of your world energy


It’s my current strategy; but I have serious problems to find especially red and yellow troops… I can’t go over level 12 of my 2 4* troops cause of this…
With green and purple I have no problem to reach level 19 or 20… :confused:

Ah, I have the exact same problem, only my red and yellows are stuck at level 6.
Good luck!

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Ok, I’ve noticed that red troops drop fairly regularly in 5-8, but nearly always 1* which isn’t much help when you are training lvl 12 and up 4* troops. I’ve farmed in province 20 and have had 2* troops fall irregularly, but they do fall. I’m working my red 4* troops up toward lvl 14 now.

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Troops are rare for everyone unless you’re willing to dump money into epic troop tokens (which you shouldn’t do). I find a fair number of troops farming 8-7 since its the best overall 3 flag level. It’s just a grind like the rest of the game.

Wharflord, go back to player guides forum:8-7 was nerfed back at update 1.6 and is no longer the best farmland.

I understand it’s not as good as it used to be, but it’s still the best place for recruits which is my priority. Which other levels would you recommend though?

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Not sure what the recruit take is at 8-7 these days, but thought average ws below 9 per fight or 3 per exp. I use 12-9 which averages 10 recruits per fight with tange of 9 to 11 with most 10-11.

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Province 20… What stage?

I know, but I don’t have so much money to give them… :joy: 8.7 gave me green and purple troops (and a lot of blue) and I’m full of them… The other 2 colours are a big problem…

When I’ve napkin math tracked them over longer periods (months) I almost always come up with an equal distribution in troop colors.

Regardless of where I’ve been farming.

I’ve noticed more Red troops dropping in 5-8 and I think 20-4. I’ll do some farming in province 20 and try to nail it down. I think folks are more concerned with the star value of the troops. As feeding higher level troops becomes and issue, the star value is really an issue.

That’s been pretty close to 50% too. I’ve been living in 6-8 for a while now and I have just as many green / purple troops as anything else.

Troops are random just like hero drops. Maybe I’ll track that for real once S2 drops but I’m basically 100% confident of this one especially since that’s the same loot algorithm everywhere else in game.

Honestly, the chances to get a troop from a loot are very low.
I can say that the higher provice/stage you play the higher the chance (not energy-wise, just run-wise).

Just focus on the toughest stage you can beat without problems and farm there I say.
I got 35 troops in 226 runs in 20-4.

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You may find interesting that the last stage in the game 23-11 gives a 1* hero per run on average.
There is no other stage like that.
Unfortunately no stage like that for troops, I am sorry.

For troops, it is interesting that 23-9 seems to give much higher amount of green troops than other colours but still even the green troops are only 8% probability.

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It’s ok, thank you very much! :wink:

Well it’s good to know that the odds of getting what we want or need are at least marginally better than winning the Mega Millions jackpot.

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To take advantage of Atlantis rises, on season 2 I found 1-2 and 1-10 hard mode has the chance for more troops. Does anyone else found other province on season 2 for the best chance to get tropps?

Antaltis Rises, based on Barry table resource…
from 1-1N to 9-10N is best recource for troops. (so, all 3 flag)

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