Troops .. troops .. troops


I think this great idea for troops

Green recruits for hero’s trining
Red recruits for troops trining

And git new building troops trining camp

And upgrade farm and watchtower 50k more

So much hard to level up troops and this so nice idea for this

I hope to support this building :+1:t2:


I wish we could have factory for troops


You can train up the troops you already have using the Barracks and make them stronger. It’s the same concept as heroes, feed smaller troops to larger ones to improve their stats.

The main Troops and Barracks topic is here:

What he is suggesting is not about leveling troops but creating troops.

Just as heroes are needed to increase the level of a hero, troops are needed to increase the level of a troop. However unlike heroes that can be created from training camp, there is no building to create troops.


Does having higher level barracks reduce troop upgrade cost? I know the max levels increase.

No, it only affect their maximum level.

Why can’t we pick what colour troops we want from summons. I’m getting more colours then others .everyday they could swap colours so we all can summon 10 of the colour we want. The same goes for training them .pick the colour troop you want to train up.

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Why can’t you recruit troops like heros?


It would be better if we could craft troops like heroes maybe in an advenced training camp.

it is a pity the only way to get feeder troops is to farm them, well, plus occasional troop tokens, which are kinda rare, so not significant.
however, seeing how that hasnt stopped some people from having at least 2 level 30 4* troops in some colors (obviously from heavy spending in the troop portal), SG is gonna keep it this way.

That is an understatement… some players have more than 5.

More than 5 level 30 troops in each color? ■■■■ that’s scary… :flushed:

I have seen some players from top alliances have all troops maxed at level 30 while having 2 heroes of the same color in the defense team. Which means in that particular color they have 2 maxed 4☆ troops.

I meant of the same color, not 5 raindbow. sorry for confusion - edited my post. rainbow lvl 30 4* troops is nothing new these days.

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Hello all.

I am kind of new in game, about 2 months. Can someone explain me what troops does?


Have a read of here :slight_smile:

It’s pretty good at covering it

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