Troops too expensive, some opportunities


After some Levels the troops are extremly expensive to Level.

So you dont use the 1*. Because it is even expensive to use 1* or 4* to Level.

Now we have an amarda of unusable 1*.

It would be nice to Change them for food, or
Use 5 or 10 1* to create a 2*
5 or 10 for a 2* and so on.

So they arent hold for nothing…
And you can use them for Something.

Maybee you can stop at 3* so 4* can only be rewarded from coins.

But it is much more better to use 1 3* than 15 or 30 1* because you cannot have that much food…

Pls Vote! IT is for us all.

LOL, I’m happy to use my ham on something, believe me you will feed them some day when you used everything else :rofl:
Similar for TC1 and TC19.

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Uhhh no you do use the 1* troops to lvl if you wanna lvl your troops.

If you don’t have enough food that’s a totally different problem. Upgrade your farms or build more farms.

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In order to match the growing of our heroes, it’s necessary the troops are that expensive. Having maxed troops is something to be achieved endgame, not quickly - things that we got too easily tend to be undervalued. As in other facets of the game, patience is the key word.

In the recent discussion with the lead developer, he mentioned that training troops will be possible in the current design of the “Advanced Training Camp” coming up in the Stronghold Upgrade in the next six months. I hope that these options for troop training include the equivalent of “legendary” training with a chance of getting 4* troops.


Good. We need more ways to get troops imo

My Farms are Level 20, my Tower also.

I will observe it…