Troops summarized



Hello there!
I made a summarized Image of every color of the troops for a video in the future. It took quite a while to put every single one of them together…
I thought somebody can make a use of the images itself so I decided to upload them. :slight_smile:

I have to post 5x to upload every image so I’ll wait for not stressing the forum for response if anyone want to have the others.

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Troops - Which troops do I keep?
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Please post them all! :wink: You might also might consider posting a general list of what each power is/does (ATK, def, crit, etc.), so new players can decider what each troop does. Thanks for your efforts!


I already did this too. :slight_smile: Comes in the last post.





As I said it’s for a video I want to make in the near future. :slight_smile:


Great job. Appreciate the effort. Thanks.

Bookmarked this thread :sunglasses:

[Math, Analysis] Which 3* and 4* troops dominate in damage output and tanking hits (not so intuitive)

Incredible work. Nicely done.


Hi folks! Is there any recommendation of what is to prefer for troops? I’m not sure wether the Healing Bonus is really good or if one should focus on critical hit? Or do you just look for maximum percentage in total?


There is a thread with this debate


Wow! Just what I have been wishing for. Thank you for your time and effort. You are awesome.


Talisax, this one?


That’s the one. Thanks @Rook


Thanks for the charts! But how do you kennel up your troops? I cannot figure it out for the life of me. Hahahaha


Kennel up?! Haha! Autocorrect ftw!
You mean level up? :slight_smile:

Once your Stronghold is lvl10, you can convert a lvl5 building into a Barrack.

The Barrack is where you level up your troops the same way to level up heros.


A warning: leveling up troops burns a LOT of food. It’s about 1 million to take a 4* from level 8 to 9, plus a big pile of feeder troops.


Thanks! That would explain why I haven’t been able to figure it out yet!


my question would be more where can i effectivly get new troops to level up my existing ones ??


Mostly from farming but you can grt thrm from voth troop summons and daily summons