Troops summarized

Anecdotally, my Alliance likes 19-6 through 19-9 for producing troops. No evidence to support, but…


I farm province 5 for backpacks and get troops all the time

19-6 is pretty bad, 8-7 energy for a potential 1-2 star troop?

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Oh, @Arien, @Avicious or @Anchor fell free to use those pictures for
(Any of the pictures I make can be used for 7ddgaming if you want.) :slight_smile:

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That’s super nice of you @N.o.X! BTW, very nice work :slight_smile:

@N.o.X This is simply awesome, very well put together, and easy to understand, too. I know you made it a while back, but I just found it, and I’m glad I did! Thank you for your time making this simply to help out other players. It’s very kind of you! :smiley:

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Some 4* troops have a mana bonus?! Sweet.

As posted in another thread, the 4 star mana troops are of dubious benefit and only at level 17 or above with slow mana heroes or so the Math geeks have stated. They need to be changed to be more beneficial at a lower level, even if it takes until level 17 to increase their effectiveness, they ought to have more of a benefit well before then.


Well d@mn, just puncture my fantasy why dontcha. :wink: Kidding - thanks for the heads up about that, it’s good to know what to expect (or not)!

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THANK YOU SOO MUCH for researching and posting this info!!!

Please explain if you don’t mind. What do you mean when you say, “19-6 is pretty bad, 8-7 energy for a potential 1-2 star troop?”? What does the 19-6 mean/stand for, please?

Province 19 level 6 is bad because it’s around 7 energy to do

I never find anything good from 8-7 but I find everything I need from 5-8


@MasterDeath63 Here’s a visual:


Awww @Rook I like your visuals. :blush:

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Farming 5-8 is pretty good and does yield a high number of wooden swords. You can get backpacks there as well and the troop drop is OK. I farm 8-7 mostly because it is a good ‘all purpose’ area to farm as it has enough creatures to fill a monster box with 8 times through and the drops are not as bad as some have stated. I get Grimoire dust, Crude iron, backpacks, troops and fodder heroes there all the time.

Province 19 max cost of World energy is 6. I’ve gotten some pretty good drops there, but they are nowhere near consistent. I’ve had 5 backpacks drop at once and then have gone two times through with none. When I am in need of leveling, I farm 19-9 as the cost per experience received ratio is one of the best on the map.


Someone recently asked me for another location to farm for Backpacks (I was farming 10-6 at the time, and got six total backpacks in eight runs).

Revelate pointed out the this was merely anecdotal; Province 5(-8) has been proven over many many runs to produce more backpacks. Just sayin’…


5-8 Produces backpacks well as well as wooden swords. It is also a small number of creatures, so you can complete it fast, but if you are trying to fill a monster box, it may not work for that purpose.

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Thank you, I greatly appreciate it!

You just need more flags :slight_smile:

Granted if you are speeding chests it might not be the most optimal zone for that. Flat 11 mobs on 5-8? Can sort the monster chest with 30 energy np.

Was just referring to backpacks. Quite a bit of testing was done there a while back. There was another location that was better for Swords; perhaps Rev remembers?

I’d refer to Loots & Stats if you were looking to fill a chest. :slight_smile:

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Since I love N.o.X.'s troop pictures I will add a little something here:

And before someone asks: The farm production time is an example I took from what I currently have.