Troops question, any advice?

I dont have idea what i do wrong. I am 63 lvl, I spend on troops above 15000 gems and minimum 100 tokens and I dont have holy 4*. I have minimum 10x4* every different color but 0 of yellow. It’s ■■■■ off me a lot… Any advice?
I have Academy on 9 lvl and I try There too, but no efect… :confused:

You aren’t doing anything wrong. This is common for a lot of players.

It’s just unfortunately all about RNG odds… hopefully luck turns your way.

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I did next 30 pulls, 20 First 0x4*, last 10 3x4* and one Holy… on mana… yeah.
Good Day to all :slight_smile:


Try save as much ETT and gems for ninja tower. Better % and a chance for ninja troops. I got same problem and pulled yellow ninjas that way.


Keep trying on the HA, it’s your best bet.

They’re trying to make you spend more money …

Just like a lot of top players that are still using Regard for a healer … they want them to keep summoning.

Might be RNG, might be coding, everyone has a personal opinion, none can say for sure, except for those writing the code. Bottom line, this is a common occurance. I’ve also been missing a red mana 4* troop for over two years. Also at this point I have 2200+ ranger emblems and no 5* ranger to use them on. Not even 4* rangers worth embleming. Also, in 3 years I never got Lianna, running 2 x TC20 24/7 for two years and now HA10 for months… Lianna is the only reason I keep running 2 x TC20 at all times. But I’m way passed caring about this sort of stuff, I advice you do the same. Your holly troop is due any day…

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Or he just has been unlucky. Everything ISNT some conspiracy by SG. Sometimes you just have bad luck. Keep trying, you’ll get one. The ninja troop idea is good one. Best of luck to you @gienius0


If you have spent real money on getting troops and yet still failed to get an epic holy troop, then indeed you are jinxed. I havent spent gems on troops. All mine are from free ETTs:

Your best option is to use HA9, or spend more gems in summoning troops. Me, i am sticking to pulling heroes and troops using the free means available in the game.

Good luck.

You know people keep saying it’s luck which I don’t believe in rng or luck.

As a programmer is see the portal as an algorithm
tied down to many factors.

Most likely on your roster and the amount of money you spend!

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Well you certainly are entitled to believe whatever you want. Good day to you!

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