Troops or Heroes with special skills that make up for heroes with slow and very slow mana

Unless I’ve skipped over them, I’ve never seen any troops or heroes with skills to help compensate for this when putting together a team that works well together. I find it odd since we have ways of compensating for nearly every other drawback in the team if we are patient enough and get lucky enough to get the right hero or troop.

In teams where most of the heroes have high attack and damaging or attack increasing specials, but lower health — the team can be made well rounded by adding one or two heroes like belith 3 :star:, hawkmoon, 3 :star:, sabina 4 :star:, rigard 4 :star:, etc.

In teams where defense is on the lower side for multiple heroes; adding a hero like Brienne 3 :star:, Gunnar 3 :star:, Kiril 4 :star:, Magni 4 :star: Kadilen 5 :star: etc can help add some more balance for the team because of their specials.

And ofcourse theres a bunch of heroes with special that lower opponents defense and/or increase allies attack power if a boost in attack is needed.

Adding a 3 star or higher troop with a high attack percentage increase and a critical hit likliness increase also can help an individual hero with lower attack— especially if the time is taken to level the troop up aswell. There’s also a lot of troops that focus on adding health points, aiding in health recovery from specials and adding defense points to heroes lacking in there own protection in exchange for great offense.

So I think it would be well appreciated if we got normal (non-event, non-hotm) heroes with special skills that help compensate for allies with slow mana speeds. Example a 3 :star: hero could have a secondary special skill such as “allies generate mana 20% faster for 4 turns.” A 4 or 5 star hero could have a special skill like — “allies generate mana 22% faster for 6 turns” or “allies generate mana 27% faster for 4 turns” or similar.

If not heroes that help compensate for slow mana, than troops atleast. If someone has a high star hero with good health and attack already but too slow mana this could be more helpful for making a hero more viable than increasing how they respond to health buffers or increasing likelihood of getting a critical

These things do exist already.

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Do you have the names of the heroes/ troops with abilities like that?

I think it’s just 5* heroes who give mana push like Alberich, Ares etc. Some of the 4* troops are mana troops, can’t remember the names but I think they’re the best troops over the crit troops.

Friar Tuck also has increased mana generation on his special.

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Thankyou for the info, @SWEG !

They’re both limited heroes (hotm/event) so that explains why I couldnt find them easily. I see the special listed on Alberich’s card but not Ares’s. I’ll keep an eye out for the troops!

Lol and to think I should of remembered this guy considering I’ve battled him in raids multiple times. I think I forgot all about him because he’s easy enough kill before his special goes off by doubling up on fire heroes

Thankyou for reminding me about him!

Oh sorry, not Ares. I meant Khagan.

Friar Tuck (regular 3* green)
Sir Lancelot (Event 4* red)
Khagan (regular 5* red)
Alberich-■■■■-him (HotM 5* green)

Maybe some others I don’t remember

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Thanks! This helps a bunch!

For troops just click the “?” of the card. It will show you which abilities are increased. Some increase mana as well. The symbols are as follow

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For examples of the mana-boost troops, just look at the teams of the players atop the leaderboard. Most of the best defenses have hugely leveled mana troops. Only certain 4* troops have this benefit.

Boss Wolf also boosts mana generation. Coming up are some Season 2 heroes that boost or give mana: Misandra and Danzaburo.

Look carefully at the mana boost specials. Some, like Alberich, increase the speed of mana recovery, actually giving mana. Most enhance the rate of increase–every tile produces more mana, but if there’s no color-matched tile played, there is no mana gained.

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Thanks for the tip! I was able to find some examples of troops with the ability!

Also, thankyou for telling me about the season 2 heroes! Event heroes and HOTM I cant make realistic goals for myself, but Normal/Regular heroes I can aim for! Even if they’re very very rare, with patience I can still hope for them. :slight_smile:

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