Troops on Screen During Raid

So hopefully someone can explain this to me. I was out raiding earlier, when all of the sudden this happened:

I don’t know why 8 purple troops suddenly decided to show up in front of Lianna, but they were there for the remainder of the raid. It didn’t seem to affect anything, but I’ve never seen this before.


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Those were from a purple match you previously made. They normally are much smaller and don’t even realize they’re there, but if you watch, you’ll see them when you make a match (as long as you have a hero of that color).

It looks like the game glitched and left a larger picture of the troops on your screen for the duration of the raid. I’ve never seen this specific thing happen, but have seen other things very similar. :woman_shrugging:


Thank you @LadySuzanne, I appreciate you letting me know. It was definitely weird, but all’s well that ends well (or at least it would be if I’d won the raid :grin:).

Of course, now I’m going to be looking for those little ones you mentioned.

Again, thanks for getting back with me.

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Lol wait till you color stack with different types of troops… you’ll have more questions

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