Troops on defense teams


Hello fellow players!! I have a question for you all that I can’t seem to get a direct answer to. Do troops help when used on your raid defense team? There are several people in my alliance that have alll one star, level 1 troops because they say the troops don’t actually do anything for you. I thought this was fixed with an update? I could be wrong. I’m only wondering about the defense team, I know they obviously help on your attack team. Thank you for any comments/help!!!


Yup they do help and can verify that in the tooltips on defenders in your own raids by just comparing stats with known values; I don’t know where they’re getting their info TBH but they’re not doing themselves any favors heh.


Yeah, that’s right, what Revelate said. The Troops improve your stats, no matter if attack or defense.


What update fix? They have always affected defense team too.