Troops of 4 *

Is it really necessary that the odds of getting 4 * troops be so ridiculous ?? I have not counted it but easily my last 20 attempts to invoke troops are 3 *. With how expensive it is to raise the troops it seems completely unnecessary to me that they are so difficult to achieve, I will also spend months or years to level them up to the maximum! hahaha


it’s been a year since I play and I have only one troop 4 stars… :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:
it’s very difficult to find troops and especially four stars.
how do people do to have so many troops 4 stars???
I sympathize this game makes me crazy!!!

Well then I’ve been lucky (would’ve rather been lucky on the heroes front, but oh well…). I have 9 types of the 10 types of 4* troops, I’ve been playing for 7 months and a bit, and I don’t think I ever spent gems for troops. I’ll probably need 5+ years to level them to level 30, though.

Didn’t count, but it seems to me the odds for 4* troops are something like 10%-20%.

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Troops are a luxury. I’d guess the odds of pulling a 4-star are similar to pulling a 5-star hero from the summon pool, which is about 3-5%. I’ve received 2 over the past 4 months. IMO the 3-star troops are still quite viable though.

Also, never spend gems on troop summons. You get enough epic troop tokens over time that you shouldn’t need to - either from rare & raid chest rewards, or the Find Recruits II questline.

I play since 6 month and got no 4* troops yet. Maybe one day… :joy:

like anything it’s total RNG. my alt is about 5-6 months in and he was 0/32. Then got 5 out of 10 of the next tokens 4 star troops.

Randomness, Randomness, Randomness © :slight_smile:

if it is allegorically logically but based on some ranges and I can not understand why they are so low. I started playing about 7 months ago, with 2 people, I have 2 troops of 4 * another of them 3 and the other only 1. We joke in the alliance when the recruits event gives troop currency saying "what color did you get the troop of 3 * and directly we say troop coin of 3. * Well I messed up … what I’m going is that upload a troop of 4 * is very very cost and takes a lot of time, I think that within the randomness the proportion should be changed because it is ridiculous

Logically, the more frequent Legendary troops and heroes are the sooner all the players have them and all the teams will become almost equal. Currently distribution of heroes and materials is uneven because there are no mechanisms of exchange.

Disproportion of rare things is not good from an individual point of view (envy :slight_smile: ) but perhaps is good for the game in general.

You get epic troop tokens from a lot of difference places - events, rare chests, etc. They seem to drop more than epic hero tokens. Some people buy 10x epic troop summons.

Have I argued with this?

yes and no, it is not comparable in terms of cost and time to maximize it, if today you get a 5 * hero and you have all the climbing materials how long it could take to upload it to the maximum? Let’s say 2 weeks, if today you get a troop of 4 * how long would you take it to the maximum? unless you transform all the buildings on farms I would say that a lot of months, I think it’s not comparable

I have gotten 2 4*'s in about 3 months playing. Both are blue though.

They will come.

The price of food to level them gets pretty high for getting nothing on the XP bar though.

Not only food, but you need plenty of low ranked troops to ascend a selected one. When you don’t ascend troops it looks like you have enormous number of troops from farming. But when you really start ascending troops you quickly ran out of low level troops too. At least, this is my experience.


I’ve been playing since October and got my first 4* troops only at this Avalon event.

That data point is important, in terms of comparison of heroes and troops, you can train heroes to upload them but the troops do not depend on you or not at all. and another factor is that in the troops you do not have an elementary invocation so if in fact the possibilities of 4 * are not very good, the color factor comes in …

I’d rather spend gems on troop sumon than heroes. It cost less gems and you always need troops to feed your 4* if you happen to have one. I have none so I’d rather rush to stronghold 20 +tc20 and summon troop with gems to drop 4* troop rather than running after 5* heroes that I may train in TC20. In the long run I think it’s better. The only downside is the hero of the month.i won’t have any of them.
Also this is because I’m a f2p player and don’t intend kn spending a dime in this game. Maybe with a huge incentive a few $ but no more than a few per year. So that what suits me best.
Each one his strategy and playstyle. For me I’m patient enough and troop are so randomly obtain compare to heroes I’d rather use gems on them

Ive been playing since january and got 2 of them(4*),one is free coin,but other one really dont remember how i got it.

Lucky. I have also been playing since January and have 24 3* troops and 0 4* troops :stuck_out_tongue:

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I feel cheated. Appearance Rates indicate Rare at 90% and Epic at 10%. Just minutes ago I pulled 10x4 and all 40 troops were Rare. That’s not counting the other 10x pull I did in recent weeks.

Seems that the 10% rate for epic is bs.

Edit: I do have 4* troops but that’s not the point. 10% is just too big to not land a single epic in at least 60 pulls.

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