Troops not being added

I saw the other post about this issue back in Feb, but that topic was closed. Since my food is constantly maxed, I keep a close eye on when I get to 10 troops that I can use for feeders in the barracks. I’ve been at 9 blue for past 3-4 days. Today I pulled a 2* blue from the daily summon, and even got a 1* blue from farming. I go into my barracks to feed and find I still only have 9 feeders available.

I don’t have hundreds of troops like many others might. I keep mine trimmed down to a pair of each type for each color. I don’t believe it’s anything that SG is doing purposefully… prob just a bug. But either way, we all know it’s tedious enough to go through the grind everyday, but to not have our earned items appear adds a whole new level of frustration. I’ve brought the issue up with my alliance, and some of us have started taking screenshots for validation. They’ve thought something was a bit off as well, but hadn’t really kept track of it. Please look into this issue SG… I’m more than happy to provide screenshots, screen records, etc. going forward if they need it.

You should definitely open a support ticket. Make sure to tell them the approximate time when you received the 1* and 2* troops. I believe they’ll be able to look back over the logs and see what you received, and what happened to it.

Here’s how to do that:

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In your support ticket include a screenshot of your activity log as it should show that you received the troop and from where.

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Just out of curiosity - why do you wait for 10 feeders? There’s no bonus for feeding 10 troops at once comparing to feeding only one.


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