Troops % Mana recovery stat

And remember on defense the mana works differently. Heroes with high mana troops gain mana faster, regardless of the cutpoints (which do matter on offense).

I did the math and got different results.

Very Fast = 11, 6.5 (7) -> 6
Fast = 23, 8 -> 7
Average = 17, 10 -> 9
Slow = 11, 12 -> 11
Very Slow = 1, 13.5 (14) -> 13 and 23, -> 12

I haven’t verified any results but very fast personally, but I’m pretty confident of my math.

unless the formulas have changed the leveled listed are for offense and are correct (validated awhile ago with videos). not sure where your numbers are coming from.

Sorry to be blunt, but your math is wrong.

But out of interest, how did you get your values?

It was in a spreadsheet I made for calculating how expensive it was to level up troops, and apparently it had an error. Since it worked correctly for very fast on a L11 mana troop I relieved it was otherwise correct. It seems all my others were one stage early.

Ok, so we’re all cleared up and in agreement?

Level 1 takes Very Slow to 13 tiles.
Level 11 takes VeryFast to 6 tiles.
Level 17 takes Slow to 11 tiles.
Level 23 takes Average to 9 tiles.
Level 23 takes Very Slow to 12 tiles.
Level 29 takes Fast to 7 tiles.

Hey @Kerridoc
Could u explain this just a little more please. I can give u a specific example. I have vivica and im deciding on whether to put a lvl 12 def troop or a lvl 5 mana troop ( +7% mana). This will be on my upcoming war team. So, if u could help me understand how defense differs from offense, maybe ill know better which troop to attach to her. Thank you

Sadly, we don’t know exactly how mana gain on defense works, not at least well enough to make that call. My rule of thumb – based on nothing but gut – is that I’d only use a L11+ mana troop on defense over a similar to modestly higher-level crit troop.

Crit troops on defense suffer a bit from the fact that the crit odds only affect their occasional slash attack, while on offense every tile that drops might be doubled in value. Lots more tiles than slash attacks.

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Okay, well I appreciate you following up with me so quickly. Very much appreciated. Kinda wish i got the +mana troop b4 the +crit troop lol. But such is the fun of the game. Ill use that rule of thumb as well then, it’ll give me a baseline to use when determining the troops to assign. Thanks so much @Kerridoc

I would still like to see some calculations for defense… There are much more different factors which were already mentioned - mana gained in different way, crit less efficient due to only slash attacks, maybe we should as well consider that defense is i think 20% boosted, etc…

I am simply having troubles making decision wheter to take 4* mana crit (lvl9) or 3* crit troop(lvl9)… difference i am having is usually sth like +4att,+3def for 4* vs +7hp&5crit…

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