Troops life boost - not working


Since last update, I’ve noticed that troop life boost (I.e. hearts) is not working. I’ve noticed this on map farming and raids. Please fix.

Just realized this might not be an error. Did the troop description change or was this previously a bug that has been fixed? My yellow and blue 4* troops have apperantly increased healing boost, but not health boost. Until this past update, I’m pretty sure I was seeing health boost (on error or due to different description)… which one is it?

I don’t have any heroes that use the heart to symbolize that special (to my knowledge, only hero specials would show on the pictures you posted, even if there is a boost from your troops).

Have you looked over the most recent changes to the game?

Not mentioned in update. But what I’m referring to is uploaded above. Now… no 4* yellow or blue troop has health boost. Instead it’s a healing bonus. This might have been working incorrectly before prior to detail transparency or they changed descriptions and I’m just now noticing as my Wu is down to 992HP :wink:

My 4* Yellow (Exalted War Constructs) has health:

My 4* Blue Troop doesn’t, but I don’t recall it from before. Darn my lack of attention! :grin:

Yeah as usual, I used up certain rare card (troops in this case) in favor of offensive minded ones and now with update paying the price. Oh well, interesting detail. Learn something new everyday :thinking:

yes the filled in heart is a direct hp increase. the empty heart is a healing rate increase (get more health back when healed).

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As far as I know, they have not changed the troops since before Oct 2017 Troop discussion thread

Especially when I am changing my teams and have heroes of the same color, the troop auto-select can screw with my teams. Is it possible you added a yellow hero which was auto equipped with your 4* yellow, then Wu Kong that auto equipped your 3* yellow?

Yeah, the life boost and healing increase have similar looking but distinct symbols. Just to confirm, life boosts do work as intended.