Troops levelling, depth or breadth?

I’ve recently levelled set of 4* troops to lvl 13.
And now can’t decide which one is better: level them further or start levelling another set. Latter can help when stacking and I stack against tank/titan/boss pretty often.
What do you think?

Go wide

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You mean to start a second set yeah? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, they are sitting there at lvl 1.

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Sorry was meaning to clarify of when @Rigs says " go wide" he’s advocating for doing the second set.

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Depends whether you are mono player and what kind of heroes you have.

If not mono player and you have heroes like Hel, Frida that are game changing and are average , I suggest you go first to mana 23 lvl ( anyway is taking so much time, feeders and ham ) and start feeding 2nd and 3rd troop with 1* feeders after you have reached 17 lvl on the first one.

I can speak from personal experience that once those levels are reached is completely different game and is not even close.


What i meant and somethin i truly should have done early on…live and learn

Considering you can reuse troops in wars, if it were me, I’d probably continue to level a solid rainbow. I’ve found having another unascended 4-star troop in a color-stacked offense doesn’t make much of a difference versus one that is slightly more ascended. It’s really the heroes behind the troops that make the difference.