Troops (%) – is it normal to have zero 4* troops after 7 or 8 months? Should I invest in 10x troop pulls?

Hi guys! I just wanted to know if its normal that I have Zero 4* troops so far? I have played some 7 or 8 months and pulled many many troops but only 3*.
In the Hero pulls I was very (!) Lucky over this period of time so I got a bunch of 5* heroes and I can not complain at all. So my question is: should I invest in the 10x troop pulls (And how important are they)?
Thanks :slight_smile:


@Garanwyn I think this question is up your alley. :slight_smile:


Got 3 from normal tokens, 2 from pulls an the others from troop tokens. I did a ten pull twice and about 10 single pulls, one 4* troop from a ten, one from a single. Now I think, I was lucky.

After 5 month there are already more than expected…

There’s even one more dark, which isn’t on my screeny at lvl 1. But I’m always out of feeders for them…

Yes. Is the only way you will able to get them and lately ascend.
In my case through two TC20 and many pulls I’ve got already more heroes than I am able to grow, so my entire gem budget is going to troop summons. I have a rainbow set lvl 10 to 15.

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Normal, no.

Impossible? Unfortunately not impossible.

Very few things in Empires are guaranteed. You could spend 100,000 gems and still not get a 4* Troop ( see Notes)

3* lvl 10 troops

Generally 3* lvl 10 troops = 4* lvl 1 troops and 3* lvl 20 troops = 4* lvl 11 troops so I would concentrate on your 3* troops for now.




i have 2 (identical) in 6 months.


I would try a couple of 10 pulls. That was the only way I got my 4* troops. But it costs sooooo much to level them.

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I agree, I would just focus on your 3 * troops in the meantime, great 3*s will be very useful for Challenge events at Epic and Legendary. Personally, I would not spend for troops as heroes are a much more interesting part of the game so that’s what gets my gems. I’ve been playing for about 10 months now and just completed my rainbow 4 * troop team so you do get them eventually. Sorry for the bad luck so far, at least your hero luck has been good! :grinning:

Troops won’t die and you can use the same for all 6 war flags.

Imho troops are wrongly underrated. It’s worthless to have many heroes without suitable troops…


Thank you for all the replies and help!
Just to clarify, I did mean I pulled Epic Troop Tokens and not through (daily) Summon Tokens, where I only got 3* Troops.
Maybe I will get some 4* soon! :slight_smile:


Good luck in your future endeavors it took me about six months to finally get a four-star troop. Then all of a sudden I started getting several so it will happen. Hang in there :grinning:


I have been playing for over a year and still don’t have a 4* purple or green troops. I have been focusing on troops pulls over heroes with no luck.

I do have 4 4* red troops, 3 4* yellows, and 2 4* blue. So go figure. It’s all RNG.

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This is a more realistic experience. Players shouldn’t get distracted by tales of people who got rainbow 4* in a half year without trying. You need to get 4 colors before you are even half way there. Expect 114 ETT draws on average. If you’re particularly interested in a rainbow mana team, then double that. If you want both crit and mana, average number of draws you need is around 293. That’s a lot of ETT, and you might not be average. Of course, you could settle for 4 out of 5 colors, with a couple of them having multiples. Then when you fill in a gap it will be a glorious day.


As Gryphonknight said it’s rare, but not impossible, to do a lot of pulls and not get any 4* troops yet.

That’s the thing about random systems: there are no guarantees, only results that are more or less likely.

Past results won’t have any effect on your future tries, though. So if you do more pulls, there’s every reason to believe you’ll actually get some 4* troops.

In a 10-pull:

34% chance of no 4* (so about a third of the time)
39% chance of 1 4*
19% chance of 2 4*
6% chance of 3 4*
2% chance of 4+ 4*

So there’s no guarantee that a 10-pull will give you a 4* troop, but it’s more likely than not that it will.


Did you play all Recruits II missions till the end? You sometimes get a troop token for passing last level and all my 4* troops are from tokens. Never paid for a summon.


10 pull is the best way to do it

A 10x troop pull or a few are a very good investment in my opinion. They are 1000 gems cheaper than 10x hero summon and they have a much higher chance on getting what you need.

for some reason i simply cannot get 4* blue crit troop. only 1 x 4* mana add troop so far. other colors yet i could get at least 1 x 4* crit troop. funny.

Expected rate is 10% but i only have 3 from 69 pulls which gaves me a little more of 4% rate. Is a bit… disappointing xD

2 4* troops from 30 tokens, and of course they were both purple!!

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