Troops invocation portal its really 10%?


Something happens that seems too strange in the Epic Troops invocation portal, it is assumed that the probability of obtaining an Epica troop is 10%. After 185 invocations without obtaining a single epic troop, I would like you to please tell the truth. It is impossible that in this amount of invocations no epic troop with a probability of 10% does not obtain. I would like to know if the developers move the odds. But that if the monkey has a 32% chance of failing but looks more like 70% failure. I would like to know what is happening and what guarantee the players have that these percentages are real.


Really good question. From beginning of the my gaming I owning only one Epic troop. I used tens may be hundred Epic troop tokens for one Epic troop.


I honestly never had issue find epic troops even without spending.

But if you really pull for 185 and don’t find any, thats quite unlucky.
Too much unlucky.


The developers indicated the percentage, but did not indicate the reference quantity (and they never will). In this way it’s all very, very, very smoky. If the reference quantity is 100, then 10 out of 100 calls are issued on 100 calls. They could also exit the last 10 calls … if the reference quantity is 1000, leave out 100 troops 4s, but … could also pass 600 calls before seeing a 4s soup. The percentage they indicate is only smoke in the eye if they do not indicate the reference quantity


Yes. 185 pulls and no 4* troop is strange. Terribly unlucky as I would say.

My best pull for 10x is 4x4*.

Try and buy gems and do 10x. Let me know what you get.


Dear developers! I have been playing for about a year, during this time I made many appeals, both paid and free, but I never got the epic hero, which completely discouraged my desire to play. I wonder what you think about this.
I look forward to hearing!

p.s. Guys it’s time to give me these heroes.


Troops are very hard to get. For me too. Did a lot troop pullls, but can’t get 4*.
But i am satisfied with my heroes, and that’s not unimportant :slight_smile:


The gachadollars model


I’ve never had an issue pulling 4* troops, 5* heroes are the real issue.