Troops in War not those set up and checked prior to war

Problem reported by alliance members that Troop associated with hero on team is not the one set up prior to war. 1* troop for Perseus vs 4* set up. Etc. We are concerned as to what happened. Please advise. The Wallflower Wall.

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This happens to most of our alliance teammates. We have them check before every war because of it. Check their heros and troops

I’m like a broken record in my alliance “Remember to check your troops and heroes before the war starts!” . LOL.

I agree with @Rainbowcathy75… always double-check before each war. I’ve seen random troops show differently than what they were the time before.

Typically, I’ve found it to be when a player gets a new troop and uses the old one to level the new one. Once the troop is gone, a common villager is put into the lineup on the next war. The player has to go into the war board and manually assign the new troop.

It’s good to remind everyone that just because the new 4* troop is assigned to Perseus on their raid defense team, does not mean the system auto-assigned it to Perseus on the war defense team. These teams are independent of each other.

Hope some of this helps!


I am having the same issue. My war lineup is the initial lineup I set for the first war. When i check my Hero’s, the lineup that has Defend checked is not the lineup that is showing up for war. The war lineup doesn’t even exist in my hero’s lineup.

Your war defense is different than raid defense. What you check as defense in hero team/lineup will not automatically become war defense. You have to manually setup the war defense in the war page. If you don’t do this, you will ended up with the last defense you use in last war.