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Hi there,

I have been wondering lately - there are troops in the game that are clearly more based on defense, and the other ones on offense (probably some mixed ones, too).

And it seems to me that attacking heroes shold be equipped with troops that give you more attack and crit chance, while tanks/deffensive heroes cooperate better with troops with higher defence and HP bonus - am I getting that right?

I mean, looking at sheer percentage, +1% attack will work more effectively for a hero that had more base stats attack, like 1% from 600 is 6, 1% from 700 is 7.

Or maybe it’s better idea to give the attacking heroes the defensive troops to make them more resistant?

Side questions:

  1. Does troops’ attack bonus affect both special skills and tile damage?
  2. Does troops’ HP regeneration bonus affect both special skills that involve healing (over turn and one-time healing) and potions?

Thanks a lot guys!


1 question YES
2 question YES
About troops
I like using mana trops with slow heroes (only not with my LJ) and the second 4* troops Im giving for weaker heroes, my LJ really working better with 4* no mana troops

Mana troops are invaluable for defense. Crit troops are awesome for attacking unless you have Gravemaker, Guardian Jackal or Victor and a level 11 mana troop, It shaves half a tile off full Mana bar.

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Yes, kind of. I prefer to put Crit troops on my front three on Defense. It increases their health and defense more and makes them more durable. I’ll put mana troops on the wing heroes for my Defense. On Offense it depends on the situation. Mostly I like Mana troops for offense.

Every hero should use crit because there is no base crit therefore no crit trou no crit shields

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