Troops have a same name in Bahasa

I’ve noticed there’s a same name for 2* green troops in Indonesian language.

While in English the troops have different name, which are:

In Bahasa the name of the “Village Fighters” translated to “Pemanah Pemberontak”

Pemanah Pemberontak is for “Rebel Archers”.
And Village Fighters could be translated to “Pendekar Desa”.

Perhaps this is a minor issue. But I think it feels a bit confusing to see the troops have a same name in Bahasa.



There is a post here in forum where people offered to help with the translation to their own language, so many issues like this could be fixed. But nothing happened :man_shrugging:
There are multiple posts advising about this in several languages. Spanish is one. Some minor errors, but still waiting to be solved.

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Here it is:


Thanks mate for your concern.
I really do want to help to make this game more better.

On Indonesian language there’s a couple translation which seems not so efficient.
The translation becomes too long, so the text becomes very small and hard to read.

This could be fixed by making the word more efficient, simple and still understandable.

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