Troops for leveling

Why do I only get blue, green, and purple troops? Yellow troops are very rare to come. Red troops are a close second. They say “it’s random.” I say, the random wheel is lop-sided and needs fixing. Please!

Oh no, same here!
Let me add to the confirmation bias.

Sorry that was sarcasm. Even if it’s true.

The game is not lopsided on troops. Random is random. Just like ascension materials, tile colors, hero summons, chest loot, Titan loot, mystic vision loot, alliance wars loot, etc…

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From the end of September when I started playing I got green 4* troops once, yellow 4* troops 6 times. So, belive me, it is random.

Completely random. I have three 4* yellow troops and have yet to pull any red 4s. It’s the luck of the draw.

It’s random. Here’s my stable of troops to compare:

If I think about it another way (not random), I must think this: Certain color Troops fall in certain locations. Do I farm only certain parts of the map (and therefore limit myself to certain colors)?

But the reality is, I have farmed only certain areas and still get random troops. :wink:

You have the same problem with red that i have with yellow. Don’t you get frustrated when you can’t level up your red troops?

I think someone tweaked the random a little…I have received about 6 yellow troops today!


I want to thank the folks at E&P, I know someone tweaked the random because I have received about 6 yellow troops today! ROFL with delight!!!
Gideon is a happy camper.

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