Troops: feeding them every color

Hey Folks,

i think it would be nice if we could feed our troops every other colored troops just the way we can with heroes.
I don’t see any great downsides to this.
The ones that do not spent Money for troops will still not do it and the ones that already spent will still spent enough.

Any other thought on this topic?


Requesting that we can train troops with other troops of any color- of course with reduced XP gain for off-color levels. Just doesn’t make sense that we can do this for heroes but not troops when the likelihood of getting really off balance with the troops colors is much higher than hero colors.


This would be nice i have so many purple troops I could eat and 0 green

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I couldn’t find anything regarding this specific topic in search, but damn I wish we could feed any color troops to level any color, like how you can feed/ level heroes. Is there any specific reason why you can feed any element hero to anyone but troops are element specific?

It would be great if we could cross-feed out troops to level them. Much like the majority of us do with our heroes. Obviously feeding a red troop to a green troop wouldn’t be as effective as feeding a green to a green, but, sometimes all you need to finish maxing a troop is a small amount. Give it the same 16% penalty as off-color hero leveling.

I like this idea. It would help to balance out the strengths between the colors. My weak color is red, I rarely get them. Would love to feed them greens, where I have them in abundance

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This game has a serious imbalance on troops with Red. Why are Red so bloody hard to get?

That’s a very nice idea. You need ages to level troops only with the same color.