Troops elemental summons suggestion

Is there a chance E&P creat a daily/ weekly elemental summons for troops like it did with heroes ? I have been plying for 18 month’s I wasn’t lucky to pull 4* nature troops like others elements :pensive: :sob:

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You must be patient. But I understand that 18 months is a little long. I’ve been playing for almost two years. The draws are already disgusting to me. The only thing that keeps me in the game is my alliance and this forum. But if SG policy does not change for the “oldest” players, the game will soon start to lose players. ears up, the game is constantly evolving! maybe we will see such a call soon.


Could be a chance, of course. Especially because SG already tested this summoning option, in the other game. Still, they didn’t let it run too long and and they gave up at the option beginning with November.

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@Scarecrow, i hope they apply the idea , beside whnever I do 10 pulls it is hard to get 4* troops not to mention it is very hard to get the 4* u looking for

Tbh, I think would be even worse. Implementing such option, the gate will have available all types of troops on that colour. I’d rather pull 10 x 3* troops of all colours, than 10 x 1* and 2* of specific colour. Knowing the odds and what happens in general at summons, this could be very possible. And a disaster… I guess this is the reason they removed the option in the other game. Also, they can’t just open a gate with 3* and 4* only, because there are five troops at all (3 rare and 2 epic of each colour).

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:disappointed_relieved: how to solve this issue now , raise the odds of pulling 4* troops from the gate to .2% would better ? @Scarecrow

I assume you mean 20% not 0.2%… currently the gate percentage is 10%

I think this is a fair return seeing as there are only two classes you can summon in the Epic Troop Portal. 3* and 4*.

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Sorry , yes I mean 20% instead of facing 1* & 2* in elemental portal :see_no_evil:

They Should make the training camps advanced and add the ability to get feeders or high level troops


@TheRebelKing, Thanks that’s also awesome idea , I like it :heart_eyes:

TC 21 troop training
Chance of rare troops

TC 22 hero training
Cance of old HotM
(older than a year min 3*)

TC 23 troop training 2
Chance of epic troops
(min 2*)

TC 24 trainer training
Trainer heroes up to rare

TC 25 train everything
Chance of costumes
(mix of TC 21 to 23)

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Why isn’t there an elemental Troop summons? There is a elemental hero summons. As someone working on troops and seeing the value spending gems on troops but to only be disappointed in receiving the wrongs color feeders, maybe this is something that can be explored. The summons can have all levels of troops (1* thru 4*) and could cost maybe 500 to 700 gems for a ten pull, depending on the odds for a higher value troops.

Note: Gem cost proposal is purely off a quick observation of ratios between the other summons.No real math was done for those numbers.

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