Troops development

For general discussion and to help less experinced players.
How important is to hold high level developed troops, and which is the most eficient way to develop them?

Very important. Takes forever too. Choose wisely which you build up. Mana and Magic troops are favored, and Styx troops. Get them by saving your Troop tokens for the tower events.


I’d say it’s medium importance.
In the early game, there are more important things like building up your heroes and team synergies.
But once you’ve got that built up, troops become more important. If you have heroes, you’re essentially working on heroes for more depth. Troops can provide an advantage here when heroes stagnate.
Of course the largest benefit is a mana breakpoint which changes fights.

As for efficiency, most folks run out of feeders. So you can do it efficiently by food but not sure efficiency is the biggest talking point for troops.


4* mana, magic and styx troops are optimal. If you have multiple of same color, try to get up to 3 to level 11, then focus on getting one to 30.
To level 11 isnt too bad… to 30 is an eternity. Im still not there. Dark is at 28 and the rest at 27.
I have hero academy pumping out 2 and 3* troops. It takes soooo many troops and soooo much food!

I say focus on up to 3 since i usually color stack heroes in wars. 3 strong vs tank and 2 strong vs a flank.
Levels 11, 17, 23 and 29 are mana boost levels, so aim for them… 11 may be the 2nd, but its the level that makes an avg mana speed hero functionally fast (fully charges special in 3 matches)

I have played this game for years and still don’t have any troops above 15. I tested it and to get my level 15 up to 20, it would cost 180 troops and 700 million food (maybe 70m, I can’t remember it was a few days ago I looked). I have heroes I constantly need to work out instead of troops.

Feed away 1* troops first to your troops when you have their lower level/rank, then use 2* as you level them higher, it will save you in the long run. Honestly, I didn’t do this as I get impatient with this game too much with it having so much you have to do and wait for weeks to do


And now which ones should we prioritize?
Should we level up till 30 first the special ones, ninja, magicians, cyclopes or we should choose the classic mana troops?
On my view, mana troops. Mana speed is the most decisiv atribute!
Share your thoughts.

Are magic better than sync troops?

IMO magic troops are better than Styx(cyclops) troops.

Focus on mana generating troops, thats mana, magic, styx troops. Do not level crit or ninja troops in the first 2-4 years of playing e&p except you are spending big.
Important are the levels 5, 11 (12 for Styx), 17 (16 for Styx), 23 and 29 (27 for Styx). Level 30 is only for bragging.

Why are these levels important?
They are mana breakpoints!

A very fast hero can fire his specisl on offense after 6.5 tiles, there are no half tiles so its seven tiles.
To get down to six tiles you need additional mana generation of 9%.
A 4* mans troop with lvl. 11 provides this 9% additional mana generation.

If xou want to fire a fast hero, who charges with 8 tiles, the sfter only 7 tiles, you need 15% adfitional mana generation.
Thst can be done with embleming the hero‘s mana talent node (+2% for most classes) plus a lvl.23 mana troop (+13%) or a lvl.17 magic troop(+14%) or a lvl.16 (+14%) styx troop.
Some heroes are costumed, most costumes give additional 5% mana boost, some only 1%. A fast costumed Master Lepus (only 1% mana boost from costume) can fire after 7 tiles with a lvl16 Styx or a lvl17 magic troop.
To make it short: Aim for three mana generating troops, bring two to lvl.11 and one to lvl.5.
Then level to 17/17/5, 23/17/11, 23/23/17 and now bring the first one to the next mana breakpoints level 29 or 27 (styx ).
A Melendor with costume bonus (+5%), and the 20th talent node, the mana talent node emblemed (Druid, +4%)needs only a lvl1 mana troop to fire after nine tiles.

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We’re all going to have to re-evaluate this after the Big Balance Patch ™. They claim they’re going to make tiling more important and special skills less. I’ll believe it when I see it. But it could upset the status quo on troop selection.

4* crit troops provide the biggest damage gain BY FAR if you’re not trying to hit a tile breakpoint.

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Nope. Ninja troops gives you the most attack improvement. But its the Mana breakpoint which counts. Hit with your specials one round earlier than the opponent and you will win most times.

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Wrong. The added crit outweighs the extra attack power.

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I’d say that important levels for Ninjas are 2, 6 and 9 (for additional attack % increase).

They are particularly good for F2P or C2P to attach to their fast snipers.

Also good with Improved Ranger Talent.

Look at the leaderboard for best attacks on next Mytbic titsn. Ladt time there were more Ninja than crit troops.
Crit troops give only an increase of the probability to inflict crit damage. Max probability from a maxed crit troop is 15 %, so one out of seven tiley will inflict crit damage.
Lets calculate it easy, a tile does 100 points damage, the crit troop has 16% atk up, a Ninja 35%.
Seven tiles, with crit troop one would do double damage equals 800 damage, now apply 20% atk up equals 960 damage.
Minja troop : 700 with 32% atk up equals 924 damage, thats a bit less than with Ninja troop.
Now take into account, that the atk up also boosts specials, crit not. The small difference will be (over) compensated with the boosts of the dpevcisls, and the heroes have better defense, will likekx hit more often, but thats difficult to calculate.

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I agree that critical troops are junk and definitely not worthy of leveling in today’s meta.

They are good for only one thing - Hero Academy level 9 retraining of 4* critical troops into 4* mana troops.

If early game a player (especially F2P) has only Critical 4* troops, then it’s OK to bring them to level 2 for that additional Defense 1% increase - but no further!

If you intend to compete in 3* and 4* weekly tournaments and/or monthly tournaments it is handy to build out 2* and 3* troops.

The approach I’ve taken is to build out the 2* troops with my 1* feeders, my 3* troops with my 2* feeders and my 4* troops with 3* & 4* feeders.

To give you some idea how this has worked out, after playing for almost 3 years and always using up all world energy (but not buying any) and never buying troops, I have built:

5x 2* attack troops at level 15 (max) and 1x 2* defence troop in each coulour
2x 3* attack troops at level 20 (max) in each colour
1x 4* mana troop at level 23 in each colour
1x 4* magic troop at level 11 in each colour
4x 4* mana troops at level 5 in each colour

Still have some feeders left, but expect to run out within the next months.

I’m not focused on regular Raid tournaments or wars, if you are, building out your 4* troops it is usually higher priority than the 2* or 3* troops. I found that being competitive in 3* and 4* events and tournaments is a good stepping stone to get emblems, ascension material etc. But I would focus on whatever parts of the game that you enjoy the most!

Crit troops max at 20% attack up, a Ninja attack is max at 32%

Crit troop tile damage is 100 x 1.2 x 1.15 = 138
Ninja troop tile damage is 100 x 1.32 = 132

Even if you say 1 in 7 Crit troop tiles will do double damage

7 Crit troop tiles = 120 x 6 + 240 = 960 (966, on average, because 1 in 7 is 14%)
7 Ninja troop tiles = 132 x 7 = 924
Scale up for tile damage over 100, and the difference grows even more. Say tile damage is 1000, 9660 - 9240 = 420 damage in 7 tiles for example.

Crit troops win. They provide more damage than Ninja troops, proven.

Ninja troops do 4.5% less tile damage, but benefit specials more by 12% since obviously, specials don’t crit. Bonus: Bypass can potentially increase damage vs defense up.

Crit troops do 4.5% more tile damage, and can benefit 4 times more vs weak colors, because the crit is calculated without color penalty. Bonus: Spike damage kills, good rolls wipe enemies off the board.

Pick your poison.

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I corrected the wrong percentages already in the post, had a wrong table.
The weak color penalty is irrelevant against titans, usually one goes mono with the strong color. Exceptions like a Franz do not matter.
As recalculated, the tile damage is slightly higher with crit, but the specials compensate and the defense of Ninja troops is also better.
Buu I would do neither, all I level are Mana genersting troops. Getting three of each color to lvl.29 is very time consuming. The rewards for niche troops like crit and ninjs is too low.

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Wrong there too
Crit troop defense is max 25%
Ninja troop defense is max 17%

20% more heal vs 9% more base health… would be fun to find out at what %heal each is better but I’m too tired.

Titans, the Ninja would be better, yes. Also, because 1 row in 7 is a guaranteed crit and you’re usually aiming for it. I wouldn’t say they’re really far ahead given cascades happen.

Raiding however…

Saying the specials compensate (if you get to cast it) is not a sure thing because the attack vs defense damage calculation is not linear, so you’ll have to find that and show me some math at different levels.

But like I said, unless you’re aiming for a breakpoint, which matters most in raiding, crit troops are going to give the best damage. They also give the best defense, also useful in raiding. I wouldn’t call that niche.

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Here you go, for future reference to help you avoid making so many mistakes.

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