Troops coming and not coming thanks to RNG

Got nine 4* troops. None o’them yellow :sob:

It really bugs me, so in that sense, it’s a bug in the game.

4 MONTHS?! It toke me 1 and half year to get the full mana set!

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I have multiple 4* in all five colours. I am missing the green mana one, but I have 3 of the crit. In fact I had one of each colour when I pulled my 6th 4* troop.

PS the dupe was yellow :smile:

2 red 2 purple 1 green

Not a bug, as you keep playing, you get more ETT and then voila you get them all.

Now, I am trying to keep 5 of each category in each element!,… 4*, 3* and 2*. (i.e 5 x4* critic for green, 5x 4* mana for green…etc)

Err nope! Gots multiples of each color.

Now some are critical and some are mana but they are out there.

Well i dont think the time u r playing is relevant but the pulls u make.every whale here can show u a team with multiple 4 troops but if u are f2p or c2p u may missing plenty because ur pulls are not many.i which i consider myself c2p i have 5 yellow 4s,3 purple 4s,4 green 4s,3 blue 4s and only 1 red 4*.i play from last October and i make 5 pulls per month

Fwiw…C2P and I have never used gems to pull troops. Only whatever number of ETT happen to come my way…

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Have played for 2 years and have never spent gems on troop pulls. Yellow was the hardest for me to get - only had 1 4* for a long time - but had so many purples I finally ate a few.

On my other account, I’ve never pulled any troops either. I just recently got the last 4* which was red, but I’m noticeable absent of much depth on any color there. That account has also been around for 2 years so you’d think they’d have about the same. Gotta love the RNG :rofl:

Another hilarious thread… So what is the difference between -> I have blue, purple, green and red troops, mana and crit and only crit yellow, in one hand… And… I have Isarnia/Richard, Dom/Sartana, Kadilen/Lianna, Azlar/Marjana and only Vivica on yellow, on the other hand. Why don’t I have Joon since I play? It is RNG people, not a bug, for GS. And the fact you play this game (still), it means you agreed with the randomness.

Some are luckier than others. This happened every time, everywhere (virtual or real life) and will forever happen. Deal with it or change the game with one doesn’t depend of RNG or luck; play chess. Btw, I got absolutely all type of troops in my first 2 months in this game.

I don’t know if it’s a bug…

@zehunter After many posts confirming its NOT a bug, I fixed the heading on this thread.

The probability of picking sth new of a static pool will decrease dramatically, the more of everything one already got.

No bug, just probability.

Thanks you to all replies. i’m not good on math and probability but i play since this summer, got :
three 4* red
six 4* yellow
four 4* green
two 4* blue

none of purple … and i"m taking about using the best way to have chance on my side : summuning 10 troops each time …

sorry if some of you are not agree, but still it’s a P2W game, to make people spend money it’s logic to make hard or impossible to have one think. Not the same color for every one, but always something that is missing … to ask you more money …

Well sadly the only way to know the trust is to have access to the game source code, or a thrid party certification that the game that use probablility like gabbling game is totally correct in the way statistic is used…

Any way, have a good time online, see you for a war of one 2 one :slight_smile:

Personal experience: A month ago (when I’ve been playing for little more than a year) I still didn’t have a yellow 4* mana-troop. I had every other type of 4*-s, even multiples in all colors but that one eluded me. So acting on an impulse I chose to do a 10-pull on epic troops and luckily I received the coveted yellow mana-troop.
The game is probably not rigged to screw you.

probably not, but i prefer to ask and to be sure. I know a guy that is playning for more than a year, with 3 account, and each of his account is missing for a specific color of 4 STARS troop. and i ask other player,and few have the same felling. that’s all.

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Ive been playing 3 years and dont buy a whole lot and still missing a 4star troop for my all 5 star team that also took 2 years too get and another to barely get them to bar 3. I splurged and spent the 70 bucks about 3 months ago and bought all the acension items. So now starting to get them all to max level. Its a grind that def gets old but the game is fun still.

I play 2.5 years and I still miss yellow mana troop. Only did 1x 10 in troops summon ever with gems which gave me 10 3* so all my troops are from troop tokens. It’s insane cause i have 5 yellow crit troops. I won’t even bother leveling more than 1 yellow crit troop, which is curretly level 26 and I have over 200 yellow 1* troops ready to feed for the yellow mana troop. oh well… I really hope I’ll get it soon.

After playing for about 15 months I got my first green 4* troop in january this year (crit). Now, pretty exactly 6 months later, I have three green mana troops and two crit troops. And I only use ETTs for troops, never spent a gem on summoning for troops.

I’m level 53 and still no red or blue 4* troop. Why is this

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