Troops coming and not coming thanks to RNG

After reading this topics : No Yellow 4* Troop- what are the odds

And after looking on many video online i start to have a big feeling that the game have a bug (i hope it’s a bug, not a way to cheat by small giant) :

Everyone i asked and every videao about i saw show the same thinks : you can have a lot of 4 STARS troops in 4 colour maximum, you will never get 4 stars troop to the last fifth colour

On my side after 4 month almost, i don’t have purple/dark 4 * troops

I saw other it’s red that is missing, or yellow … please answer to my topic to tell me if you also have the same situation : on colour without 4 stars at all

Thanks a lot for your participation and to spread the word around you to make a maximum of answer here.

have a nice day and fight online


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I also have 4* across the board.

In fact got two of each at a minimum

I got two of each colour before I got my first yellow 4*.

It’s just RNG.

‘Random’ doesn’t mean you get an even spread.


Not a bug


I was missing red mana 4 * for over a year…but now i have 20-ish all colours together…crit and mana…

Its RNG…nothing more nothing less :hugs:


Nope. Got four-stars in every color, and both crit and mana four-star troops in a couple. Have a ridiculous number of purple four-star troops compared to everything else.

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I can’t say I’ve got that problem I have 2 of every color and pulled 2 more 4* yesterday

I waited for red one for 4-5 Months. Now I have at least one in each color.

I have never bought troops.

But RNG meant no red 4* crit troops for Boldtusk for 1.75 years.

SGG makes money using merciless RNG ( like casino) instead of mercy timers, shards, rarity bundles ( like trading cards ), and direct purchases ( like RPG ).

I would think it was a bug if people DID NOT have trouble getting the 4* troops they want.

Then 75% of troop loot drops are 1* troops so it takes forever to level 4* troops.


I have that issue with greens and a never ending supply of yellow threes.

Got nine 4* troops. None o’them yellow :sob:

It really bugs me, so in that sense, it’s a bug in the game.

4 MONTHS?! It toke me 1 and half year to get the full mana set!

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I have multiple 4* in all five colours. I am missing the green mana one, but I have 3 of the crit. In fact I had one of each colour when I pulled my 6th 4* troop.

PS the dupe was yellow :smile:

2 red 2 purple 1 green

Not a bug, as you keep playing, you get more ETT and then voila you get them all.

Now, I am trying to keep 5 of each category in each element!,… 4*, 3* and 2*. (i.e 5 x4* critic for green, 5x 4* mana for green…etc)

Err nope! Gots multiples of each color.

Now some are critical and some are mana but they are out there.

Well i dont think the time u r playing is relevant but the pulls u make.every whale here can show u a team with multiple 4 troops but if u are f2p or c2p u may missing plenty because ur pulls are not many.i which i consider myself c2p i have 5 yellow 4s,3 purple 4s,4 green 4s,3 blue 4s and only 1 red 4*.i play from last October and i make 5 pulls per month

Fwiw…C2P and I have never used gems to pull troops. Only whatever number of ETT happen to come my way…

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Have played for 2 years and have never spent gems on troop pulls. Yellow was the hardest for me to get - only had 1 4* for a long time - but had so many purples I finally ate a few.

On my other account, I’ve never pulled any troops either. I just recently got the last 4* which was red, but I’m noticeable absent of much depth on any color there. That account has also been around for 2 years so you’d think they’d have about the same. Gotta love the RNG :rofl:

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