Troops by color for Summons

Why doesn’t SG do troop summons by color like they do for Heroes. I have been trying to get a 4 star Purple mana troop for mouths. It would be nice to increase my chance in a 10 pull if i know they will be all purple. At worst i don’t get it but I would be able to enhance my purples i have with the troops i get.

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I haven’t seen a 4* blue in almost a year of playing.

sorry bro that sucks

And I have like 12 4* blues but only a couple yellows in a year as well

See it so dumb, i think this summons suggestion makes sense

I guess because it is too easy to get what you want.

In my case i can tell that after 23 months of playing i received without ever do a troop summon:

  • 9 blue 4* troops (keep 3 mana and 2 critical)
  • 7 green 4* troops (keep 3 mana and 2 critical)
  • 6 yellow 4* troops (keep 3 mana and 2 critical)
  • 4 red 4* troops (3 mana)
  • 4 purple 4* troops (3 mana)

Definetely have patience.