Troops 4 Star how many should we keep

I have 8 four star troops of same color… I really only need 5 correct… There’s no reason to keep more than 5 correct?

Not really — the only reason (which is a bit unlikely), is in case Hero Academy or some other future building gives some use to duplicate Troops.

Saving them for that purpose would be highly speculative, though — but the one good thing about it is that there aren’t roster size limitations if you do hold onto extras.


Optimal use in theory it should be 5x mana and 5x crits, so that means 10x troop each color.
If we have more then 5x mana troops, then we can feed them.

But,… other then that, just like @zephyr1 said:


Good clarification, I took it for granted that we were talking about 5 of the same color AND type.

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I agree with those who have typed already. The only ones I’ve had 6 for are holy mana and dark critical. In both cases, I fed the 6th troop.

I feel like having 4 mana and 4 Crit of each color is enough. Because there’s no way I’m benching my top Crit troop or mana troop even if in a situation I’d prefer one type over the other generally.


But I don’t have any holy critical troops. :sob::sob::sob:

That’s the one that avoids me. Have at least one of the rest.

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