Trooping the Colours - are troops effective when heroes die?


An alliance member asked why their tile damage flaked after a hero was out of action.

I know that you can’t buff a dead hero…but do the troop bonuses still apply?

Here’s part of the original conversation:

"Okay, so aeron was knocked out, 4* troops, with BT and WU buff, they were hitting for a measly 33-35 dmg, then I sent holy attack, lvl3 troops, and they were hitting for 135-140 dmg. So if the corresponding hero is dead, it seems the troops won’t hit for full potential"

I’ll also drop in an idea for a new special:
Treachery! - each enemies troop bonus is applied as a 200% negative modifier for four turns.


I tested a bit and I think attack still applies, critical not though. But I could be wrong about both: there were small numbers both with the hero alive and dead, and the critical chance was also small.

But then it’s not something that makes a big difference in any battle.


@petri or @Coppersky are you able clarify?


Curiouse what the aswer is. I made same experiance especially in Titan fights. I always bring strong troops and think the damage should stay the same…That’s why we paid so much food to get the troops where they are.