Trooping the colour - troop question

A real nitty-gritty question for the most wise among you…

If you double up on a colour, there is a mix of troop types seen when you fire of those tiles.

Is there any rhyme or reason to which troops are used and is there any way of manipulating the board or formation to get more of the better troops?

I think troop selection is random, but I honestly dont know for sure.

@Revelate, still roaning around these dark parts of the web?

I believe Revelate has retired from E&P.

But from what we have gathered, yes, troop selection is random. And it is what decides if that tile’s damage has a chance to miss, crit, etc.


That’s great, thank you

I’m not able to prove this in any way, but I would think there should be a way to check.

If two like color heroes attack through tile, that total power can be known. Further, the troops add to the attack power of each hero in a known way. That leaves only the crit rating, I think, which could be solved for.

I am not a wizard like Revelate, but would have thought one of the old ones had this figured.

AFAIK I know random.

@2Spookd I occasionally check the email this forum’s notifications go to, and logging in for what rare quests I can just in case I decide I want to play again I won’t have lost too much time given those are 70-80% of the progression in game once one only really needs 4* ascension items.

Did finally get Zeline to 80 hah.