Troop upgradex


Hi Have just finished latest update.
Have made training camp for troops have levelled troops but have now lost 600 over all power. Plus I have spent 1000 gems doing this.
Can you please shed some light on this for me.
Also some reimbursement would be nice or help to get me back to my original power level.


From the patch notes:

Redesigned Team Power

  • The old team power tended to be highly inaccurate with more powerful teams
  • Team Power has been redesigned to be simpler but more accurate
  • The Hero Power of each hero is simply summed together. Some hero powers have been adjusted to reflect this.

So it makes sense that power levels have changed for everyone.


This is a great reason to read the update notes. Saves you some stress. :wink:

Will take me a while to get used to the new numbers.

My top team went from 3220 to 2950. But my lowest team went from 1800 to only 1690. Interesting how they adjusted.


It’s also been pointed out that it’s not just the hero power that’s changed, comparing pre-patch troops to currenr low level troops they’ve gotten a lot weaker. So there’s also that contributing to the lower power levels.


Click here for a full explanation of how team power has been modified. Please note, it is just how your team power is represented in numbers, your actual power has not been decreased.

And yes, there will be a drop in the effectiveness of your troops before you start levelling them, but once you do things will be better than they were before the update. I’m looking forward to the new status modifiers on the troops! I’m locked into a build until tomorrow, so I can’t give many details on that yet.


I’m hoping the devs will read this and give some insight on this aspect of the troops: before the upgrade I knew I preferred the devout battlers (or assassins) to the exalted guardian constructs. When I loaded each the stats came up and my team power changed. Now even though they have very, very different stats most of which do not correspond to their original stats, there is no movement to indicate which one I would prefer for my purposes.

Because in addition to the reduction in power (the technicalities of which I understand even if I don’t like it), we’re also told that the troops may be even more powerful once upgraded, I don’t know which one to upgrade with my limited troops. Will the Constructs be more powerful (for my purposes) than the Assassins? Do I feed one of my rare Assassins to the Constructs or vice versa? With the paucity of extra troops available initially and to earn this is important to me.

We, well certainly I, need a bit more information on these troops. Please allow us to see top stats while in the barracks so we can decide who to upgrade. This would also be very helpful for the heroes.


You can check the max stats for each troops in Summon Gate. They are under Epic Troop Summon.


Thanks Kathur for replying. :slight_smile: I am aware of that. I am experiencing confusion trying to figure out which one is “better” for my team and asking for efficiency by having the stats available in the place where I am ‘manufacturing’ an upgraded troop. This applies to heroes as well. Same issue re fully upgraded stats.


It won’t be in game, but hopefully in the not too Distant future The wiki will be updated with this info. A lot changed with update 1.4, and I can’t hazard a guess when it will be done. Then you can print out or screenshot a nice tidy table. :smile: