Troop Summons are TOTALLY out of whack

In the past 10 days, I have bought 2 10-packs of Elite Troop summons (1600 Gems each). In that 20, I got EIGHT Green (five out of ten in a single pack) and ONE Red. Red troops are nearly impossible to get. This game has been hamstringing me for over TWO YEARS on this.
Frankly, things like this are making me seriously reconsider my continued play.
Fancy hero summons almost invariably give nothing new.
It is EXTREMELY disheartening to see so many players with MULTIPLE 4500+ parties of supergods and I have exactly SEVEN max-level 5*, and only TWO maxed-out 5* (Kageburado and Marjanna). I have one and only ONE Red 5* at the final tier. I have had exactly TEN magic rings in my lifetime. Can’t even THINK about getting a second one to 4th stripe.
There is something desperately wrong with this game.

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