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Is there something wrong with the troop summoning? I pulled 25 summons and I only get 3* troops? Bug or Extremely unlucky?

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Probably the latter. I did use 41 ETTs yesterday. Got only 3 epic troops out of them, all dupes except the first blue ninja troop. Now I only lack the yellow ninja troop.

19 pulls. Only 3*. Let’s say it’s SG rather lopsided interpretation of “probability”.


Chance to get 3* troop in ninja troop summon is 85%

The probability to get 25 3* troop in 25 pull is 0.85^25 = 0.0171978 or about 1.71978%. That is about get 5* in 1 pull. I think you are very unlucky but not extremely unlucky level.


23 summons here. 1 4 star troop. Results were much better on the prior ninja troop summon.

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Clearly luck of the draw. Tough luck.

I pulled 53 ETTs & got: 4 Ninjas + 5 Crit 4* + 2 Mana 4* = 11 out of 53 pulls.

Though only my 2nd blue mana troop was of value… rest of the 52 are food.

Still without a purple ninja…

I will vote for limiting the summon rate on individual account then the Global(which is fishy and no way to confirm).

Ex - Troops portal, epic troops rate is 10%/15% during Ninja event. I start with 10% chance, with every rare troop pull, this should go up till 100% chance in 10th pull, so I definitely get 1 in 10 pulls. But, if I pulled epic in 1/5th pull, 4* probability should drop to 0. So I only get 1 epic in 10 pull, honoring 10% result rate.

Till then, RNG is just gambling fallacy, tempting players to spend more and more.

7th pull to get my 1st 4* green mana troop, then stop. Not bad. Still have 15 ETTs saved and may try tonight.

23 epic troop tokens, 4 Epic troops including 2 ninja troops and my first green ninja troop. Beat the odds, that’s for sure!

Pal this is a game designed in a way which is declared clearly on each type of summon.

I personally don’t get into moral science thinking & play / enjoy the game.

I shared my stats of current ninja troops summons… which have been different every time.

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