Troop summon / troop Baracks


I don’t know if this has been covered before or not but something needs to be done about troops,

I suggest a summon gate for 1 and 2 star troops that can be summoned with X amount of food

It’s pretty absurd how much farming needs to be done for troops, how much they cost to level, how much exp they give and the impact they make per level,

More ways to collect/train troops - Please add your comments and ideas here!

I was thinking of it too mate. I suggest Devs should consider making Troop trainer too.


I’ve suggested in other threads that Training Camp levels 14–18 (Advanced Fire–Advanced Holy) be repurposed to train troops instead of heroes. I’ve yet to hear from anyone who uses these levels for hero training.


Troop leveling was basically designed to give people who had it all already something to do with their resources.

They’re supposed to be slow and painful to level… and then not make that much difference unless you have them at absurdly high levels.


Mate, I agree with you. When leveling up troop started,it started as you have mentioned in your post. But things have changed. When I look at the leader board player I see not only their Hero’s but the troops too. Let me clear (before IT technicians jump in to correct me) Mathematically, they might make a minor damage than Hero’s but visually(to me) the team look formidable with the troop level right up . To be honest,at the first look I don’t care to go behind the engine and do the calculation of the damage they do. No matter what, I want my troop to fully leveled up.


On the flipside while I have pretty well levelled troops, they’re nowhere close to level 30, and I smashed the individual with level 30 troops in raids twice in a row… so they don’t suddenly make your team unkillable, but I agree every little bit helps.

Ballpark assuming random distribution and a 10% chance for a 4* it takes USD $2,320 to max one 4* of every color.

Put another way it’s 63,800 exp to max a 4* which would be feeding 1595 1* troops.

Pay a lot, or get comfortable… to say nothing of the ham costs involved.


Exactly. And that’s why the devs should consider making trainer troop.if not my grand kids will keep leveling my troop for me, whey they arrive in this world​:joy::joy::joy::joy:.


I have 48 troops what can do with them? We should be able to combine troops so lvl them up just like heros


You can, once you reach level 10 Stronghold, you will be able to convert one of your production buildings (Forge, Farm, Mine) into a Barracks (the subject of this topic). Then you can start consolidating/upgrade your existing troops. You will go into your stockpile of troops in no time.


Thank you for the info


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