Troop Options for Leonidas Tank


currently i use Leonidas 4-80 +2 as tank in my defense team. He has 731 Atk, 736 Def and 1221 health.
(not sure if this matters in the context oy my question but anyway: whole defense from lett to right: Rigard 4-70 +14, Frida 4-80 +3, Leonidas 4-80+2, Sartana 4-80 +2, Marjana 4-80 +2).

Every now and then i win when i’m attacked (like 1/3rd of the time or so)… since i can just see the result (win or loss) and no other details of the fights when i’m attacked i don’t know which role Leonidas plays here… (does he just die and the others win… does he stand like a rock…no idea…)

Anyway I wonder which troop works best for him:

I have the follwing troop options

3 star troop lvl 13 with 10% atk, 18% def, 4% health, 13 % healing bonus.
4 star troop lvl 9 with 20% atk, 13% def, 14% healing bonus 7% mana gain
4 star troop lvl 5 with 14% atk, 17% def, 5 % health , 8% crit

Currently i use the 3 star troop, decision was based on the idea to use the one with highest defense.

Do you have experience with such a setup? do you think using the 4 * mana troop could make more sense? (i have no idea how this 7% influences his avg. speed on defense…) due to the mana change and high attack leading to increased healing if he fires? Or the 4* crit troop which i level currently if def is on 18% or higher?

I do have Guinevere waiting for ascenion mats… she should replace Leonidas in the future… that might be another thing of interest in the context of this question… which 4 * troop would be best for her (which one is the one i should invest leveling… crit one for high defense? or mana one for charging speed?)

so which troop to use now and which 4 * troop to keep leveling for Leonidas or later Guinevere?

Any experiences, thoughts, recomendations for me?

Thanks in advance,


Well, in general 4* crit troops are ideal for defense teams, as they are defense oriented with the high defense stats and health increase. But it doesn’t always work, especially if you have a 4* mana troop whose level is considerably higher than your crit troop. Also, Leonidas has self heal which is a percent of the damage he deals. So I would definitely use the 4* mana troop so that he deals more damage and can heal himself up more. A small amount of defense boost won’t help if the attacker gets a good board, but if they get a bad board you want him to punish them more. Also, in the context of this post it is worth mentioning that your defense team gets a hidden 20% attack and defense boost when attacked.

And of course, once you max Guinevere, you can replace him altogether in the tank department. For her the 4* crit troop would make more sense because she does not have a special which deals direct damage and nor does her heal depends on her stats, so you would want a good defense troop on her.



thanks for your thoughts… i’ll try with the 4* mana troop to see if i can notice some changes for now.

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