Troop Lock For Tournament

I recently just noticed that my troops for the tournament disappeared when I tried to upgrade a few of them.

On a side note, I did notice that in my rush I did select to proceed with the upgrade when it did say that one of the troops I selected was in my tournament lineup.

As this was only a one star I had MANY of them and it was hard to specifically pinpoint the troop that is in my lineup.

You have 24 hours for the preparation. Next time you may do like I did. Go to your barracks. Lock the troop you need and memorize the position. Edit your defense team choosing those troops from the list.

But I agree, would be much easier to have the symbol on troops on editing defenses. Voted.


If you cant eat heros that are in your lineups or defenses, you shouldn’t be able to eat troops either, why they allow you to do this is beyond me.


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