Troop Leveling with multicolors

I did a quick search but didn’t find any thing on this topic …

How about allowing Troops to be leveled using all colors, not just one. i have plenty of purple but not many green. We can use all colors to level the heroes, why not the troops as well.

Question: What would the proposed ExP penalty be?

With heroes you get a boost to the experience earned for feeding on-colour. I would presume something similar would apply if it were extended to troop feeding.

Discussion: Would the experience penalty then make the cross-colour feeding too expensive in ham costs? Already I don’t feed on-colour 1* troops to my main mana troops as it costs like 100k per feeder…

Too keep on grinding! Don’t see the need really! Once you use all troops to level one then you got to get aload more to level another bee unbalanced imo

Personally I think it is a fair question, but given that off colour heroes incur a 20% points penalty, can you imagine if that translated to troops where the available points are pitiful (but I guess proportionate) and the cost in iron and food extreme already?

Dear SG,

Please allow TROOP levelling using other colour TROOPs = this will help make Efficient use of existing inventory of troops in the barracks
There is an imbalance of certain colours where there is no 4* troop available to level up at this moment…

This will also reduce the burden on players who are not OLD enough to have high levelled troops…

What say ?!


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@Dudeious.Maximus : You merged with an old lost post… so this message gets lost… instead of a fresh mention… consideration

Yeah it’s been mentioned before hence the merge. (it’s not getting lost as this post will show up at the top). Plus this gives people a option to vote on the subject you asked for which at this point in time nobody has :woman_shrugging:


Good to know it ain’t getting lost

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