Troop leveling up idea(s) – Trainer Troops

They have hero training cards, but not training cards for troops…? Lower the cost for troop leveling up, or make leveling up troops more effective.

It’s ridiculous using 10 troops to level up, and it doesn’t go up 1% and it costs 200k+…?!

I agree, Trainer Troops is a good idea.


It would be a good idea to have an option to raise troops and heroes faster. In the case of heroes we have the TRAINING HEROES but if we had something like a level / skill coin, each of these coins could go up half or one level. in the case of troops, having evolution coins would help.

How rare or expensive would these coins be?

They could be achieved on all maps in the game, on titans and in alliance wars. Not selling them would give all players an equal chance of evolution.

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Or an event could be created to get them. Any monthly or seasonal event

I like this idea but they would either need to be pretty rare, or you would need to accumulate a good amount to use them (maybe 100)? I doubt SG would want to speed up the slow grind too much.

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I agree with you. I think launching a new monthly event would be cool. If each coin was worth a level the player would have to get several to get the levels up faster. for example, for a rare one you would have to get 30 to reach the limit of the first ascent. Turning each level into 100 coins is equally time consuming - the goal is to make the full hero faster (you would still need the items).

It’s only faster in that you could keep the feeders you would normally use for another hero or ascension level.

Basically it gives you X amount of free feeders.

what you would use 5 heroes 1 *, you could use 1 evolution coin to get the same evolution.

Reminds me a lot of trainer heroes in function (for heroes anyway).

Seems like that could stay as is and trainer heroes could just be a little more available.

And they could add trainer troops.

We need faster ways to raise troops. Maybe coins would help

I think it would be an awesome idea to have a troop trainer just like how we have hero trainers for heroes. We can implement the same concept as trainer heroes except it’ll be a 1*,2*,3*,4* troop trainers that would be distributed throughout gameplay however developers think is fair. I think the idea of using these troop trainers can save us loads of ham that we utilize almost all the time we play. What do you guys think of this idea?

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I was leveling up my troops today and was wondering why there’s no such thing as trainer troops. I think it would be a good idea to make leveling troops a little bit more comfortable.

How do you level up a troop?
I need that option.

I agree with the idea of trainer troops. Call them “Troop Provisions” or something and make them acquirable the same way trainer heroes are (titan loot, wanted chests, war chests, etc).

I think troops should level much, much faster. I’ve been playing for nearly 2 years now. I’ve got 5* heroes at emblem grade 18. My highest level troop is still at lvl 15, and I only have one of those. I’d like to see the XP requirement reduced, summons for feeder troops become more common, and we get trainer troops. I’d like max-level, or nearly max level, troops become normal for long-time players.

I haven’t seen this mentioned before, but could we get some trainer troops? They would act just like trainer heroes, except for troops.