Troop leveling bug?

I was leveling my monastic battlemage troop just now and my hams were taken but the troop did not level!

Did the troop not gain any xp? If I go to feed troops I see the xp go up but not a full level.


The first time the troop did not gain any xp. The second time the troop leveled. And it is a yellow troop …not purple as your image shows. Jane


What @Ruskin505 was saying is that when you try leveling your monastic battlemages, it may not have leveled up but it sure does gain experience points to close in the required experience points to level up the yellow mana troop. His illustration merely shows an example of attempting feeding 5 purple troops to his main troop where experience points may be gained but not enough for the troop to level up. Like this:

Each troop level requires a progressively increasing requirement of experience points.


No, i intentionally selected a troop that was nearly leveled, applied 10 troops, watched it go to next bar. Nothing happened except hams decremented by apprpriate amount

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