Troop in Roster Request - Stack them...? Instead of Listing them all

Just a quick request really.

Is there any reason why duplicate troops (particularly the 1 & 2* ones) cannot be “stacked” on top of each other rather than listed out?

This is what it currently looks like:

Which means that if you have a backlog of troops you could be scrolling forever… and have absolutely no easy way of knowing how many troops you have in total (i.e. how much exp you have available… for math nuts like me).

In comparison, this is what the inventory looks like for literally EVERYTHING else:

I would LOVE for the Inventory Screen for Troops (at the least) be far more ordered with all the duplicate 1 & 2* troops (unlevelled) simply “stacked” on top of each other…

Ideally I would love for the Barracks view to be “stacked” also but understand that could prove difficult in terms of “selecting” specific troops to feed away.

I would totally love to be able to know how many unlevelled troops I have in my inventory without having to keep scrolling and counting them. :+1:
Got my vote . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
SGG, please make it happen! :wink:


Yes, that would be convenient. Plus my voice.

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Good idea.

I would love to make folders to stash my heroes in. For instance, there would be a folder just for three stars. That way I don’t have to scroll through them all to get to my feeder heroes. If also have a folder for them and a rule that all new 1* and 2* heroes automatically get stored in that folder.

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Yes unleveled troops should be stacked

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How would feeding work though? For example, what if you have 8 2* troops left but only want to feed away 3 of them/make sure you have 5 left for 3* tourneys (even if all unleveled)?

Just a mini-complication.

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Yeah; I envisaged that as being an issue hence deliniating between the “Inventory” view and the “barracks” view.

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Ahhh my bad!

I actually pretty much never look at my troops in the inventory (I just go to my barracks)… but I can see how it could be useful to look in the inventory for a “condensed” view (to see total counts) and a separate barracks view for feeding.

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Yeah, for example I like planning stuff out… So I would love to know:
a) how many fodder troops I have
b) then can calculate how many levels I COULD give to various existing troops
c) then could calculate how much FOOD it would cost
d) then I can decide if that’s worth it now or to wait until later…

Currently I can do all that but I have to manually count rows the whole way down to work it out…

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Same menu Alchemy Lab uses for ingredients, ascension items and battle items.

Select the stacks, then add or subtract the amount used from each stack.


I swear this is the best game idea I have come across so far!


bump cause this annoyed me again today…


Totally supporting this idea. Scrolling to the bottom of troop list is indeed annoying

Bumpy bump. Still annoying me :frowning:

Great idea :kissing_heart:

Good idea, but it doesn’t affect me personally, as my troops eat feeders as quick as I pull them. So I have no extra troops.

I seem to be the only person who plays that way.