Troop ideas

I am a relatively new player and I seem to have a ton of excess troop options. I was thinking of a way to trade extra troops in to get useful items (gems, training materials, etc.) Another idea I had was to give the troops lvls as well so we can use troops that we don’t need to lvl up the ones we have.

When you get to Steonghold lvl10 you can convert a lvl5 building into a barrack.

That building allows you to level your troops the same way as you level heros.


Thanks for the email. Like I said still new and learning as I go.

We were all new to the game at some point :slight_smile:

Here are two links with good info about the game, they have most answers to most questions

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What we really need is a way to train recruits into troops the same way we train heros!

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